Kusatsu Onsen Day 5 (21 Feb 2017)

Spent the whole day walking around Kusatsu onsen. Watching the Yumomi performance and dipping in the different onsens around the town.


Buffet breakfast in hotel

Went to catch the Yumomi performance first since it has 6 scheduled performances throughout each day. Yumomi is a traditional way to cool the hot spring water by stirring the water with large wooden paddles.


Yumomi performance area




Public invited to try it out 



Covered with snow everywhere from yesterday night and is currently still snowing



Gozanoyu – Paid Bathhouse

After the performance, went to take dip in Gozanoyu, one of the few bathhouses in kusatsu onsen. This bathhouse has 2 different sources of hot spring water and 2 different bath types (stone and wooden) switched on a daily basis.


20170221_124610.jpg 20170221_124249.jpg

Lunch – Meh gyozas but chahan (fried rice) was full of wok hei

After lunch, it was time for another dip in the onsen! This time a rotenburo(outdoor onsen)! A short 10min walk to get to Sainokawara Rotenburo, passing through Sainokawara park.


Sainokawara Park


A path leading to a shrine but too bad it was covered with snow, couldn’t get to it



Entrance fees


Rules to follow (I think?)


The rotenburo on the left behind the walls

The Sainokawara rotenburo was big. It can easily accommodate over 100 people at once but when I was there, there were only 15 of us. The feeling of snow falling and cold wind blowing on your face while your body is soaked in the hot onsen water is just surreal. With the amazing view of the snow covered surrounding, I wouldn’t mind staying here for hours if not for the light headed feeling you will get when you soak in the onsen for a long period of time. I got out after about 30 mins.


There is a black cat on the road camouflaging if you can’t see it.

Soon after exiting Sainokawara park area, there was this black cat just sitting on the road. It was sort of cute and many people walking pass took a selfie with it. How is it not cold?!


Another studio ghibli store! did some shopping here




Went to drew a divination and let’s just say it wasn’t very good nor very bad.


Dinner – Maitake tendon with soba

Was searching for a izakaya but after walking round and round for 15 mins, I gave up. It was snowing very heavily with strong winds so I just decided to eat at a Soba restaurant near Yubatake. Dinner was maitake tendon with cold dipping soba. Maitake is a type of mushroom famous in Kusatsu and the tempura I had was fried very nicely accompanied by the sweet sauce they drizzled on top!

Went back to the hotel after dinner to rest for abit before dipping in the hotel onsen again! Hotel takamatsu had a nice rotenburo as well, although much smaller than the one at the park but was nice still.

Last night here before heading to my next destination, Shibu Onsen! Will definitely be back here again one day!


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