The best Matcha soft serve in Singapore!

*Disclaimer* Best by my standards until I found a better one. (Bias?) review below.

None other than Matchaya! A relatively new player in the green tea field compared to the more well known Tsujiri.

Matchaya has its greentea supplies directly from the tea farms in Japan and regularly has weekly limited flavours (non-tea related flavours as well like Hokkaido Milk or Goma). Below pictured is top Genmaicha (Brown rice green tea) and bottom Matcha.

They sell a variety of products like drinks, matcha toast, macaroons, popsicles etc..

The soft serve they have is a little grainy which I enjoy (some may not) and is very intense as well, you can really taste the bitterness in the matcha. My favourite flavour so far is new Genmaicha, followed by Houjicha and finally Goma & Matcha tied.

Their main store is at Icon Village and newly opened second and bigger store is at The Cathay with seating area.

Do try it if your around those areas, I guarantee you won’t regret it!



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