Shibu onsen & Shiga Kogen day 7 (23 feb)

Went to Shiga Kogen to ski for this 2 days. Wanted to stay at the ski resorts with the slopes just outside but to save cost I decided to continute to stay in shibu onsen instead.

The bus journey from Shibu Onsen to Shiga Kogen is about 45min to 1hr depending on where you are alighting to ski at. Shiga Kogen is a huge ski area which is collection of 19 different ski resorts which are all inter connected, I only manage to ski on 3 different resorts across my 2 days here.


On the way to the ski resort, was stuck in a tunnel in the bus for a good 45 minutes. Apparent a car got into an accident and blocked the traffic in both directions. Subsequently the bus itself got stuck in the snow slush when moving out as well. Totally a bad start to the day.


Only 1 skiing picture for day 7 as it was raining and super foggy for the whole day. Very bad conditions.


Fast forward to evening where I was back in Shibu Onsen, another neko on the roads. Seriously how are they not cold?!

Even though Koishiya does not have a onsen, they actually tied up with another high class ryokan nearby and we were able to use their onsen. There are 3 timings every night and they would shuttle you to the ryokan for the onsen and fetch you an hour later.



Really nice lobby for the ryokan


The onsen in the ryokan was superb, there was 3 types of bath available, indoor, regular rotenburo and a rotenburo Jacuzzi. I must say the jacuzzi was quike shiok.

After onsen, had dinner back in my own ryokan as there were a few dishes I really wanted to try out.


Local Shigak Kgen Craft Beer 


Deep fried risotto with cheese stuffing inside. Truly Oishiiiii!


Potato Gratin 


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