Shibu onsen & Shiga Kogen day 8 (24 feb)

Was a very interesting day today. Planned to ski with my room mate, a 30’s China man that I met just yesterday night. While on the way to the Shiga Kogen, we met a 60’s Taiwanese who my room mate was skiing with the day before and we decided to all ski together. If you are wondering who was the expert skier , it was the Taiwanese. :O


While on the bus journey 

Today was definitely much better conditions than yesterday but it could have been better. At the peak, there was a group of elderly photographers taking pictures nearby the cafe. Really nice scenery with the snow covered trees.

FYI, it was at least -15 Degree Celsius on average and the coldest was at least -20. My hands was frozen stiff while I was taking all the pictures while skiing.




A snowboarder cosplaying as Miku. It feels like she is totally immune to the cold?!


The Taiwanese skier I was with


Probably the only picture you see of me

While skiing, my gopro dropped from my pocket and thank god to whoever who turned it in to the ski patrol. Was totally in panic mode when I realised my gopro was missing. While searching for my gopro, apparently my ski goggles dropped as well , thank god to whoever that found it too. Never felt so lucky in my life.


After Skiing, went to onsen as usual and met a few other guest staying in the same ryokan. Talked abit with them and had dinner in a nearby soba shop afterwards.


The lady boss clearly loves Felyne from Monster hunter. So many Felyne goods all over the soba shop!


Tanuki Soba w/ raw egg


Local Apple Gelato


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