Shibu Onsen & Tokyo Day 9 (25 Feb)

Decided to see the snow monkey before leaving Shibu Onsen back to Tokyo. Missed my chance to see back 3 years ago so do or die will definitely catch it today.

*Just a word of warning if your going to go see the monkey in winter, it will be colder than expected and do rent the cleats from the rental shop at the entrance to the hiking trail to the snow monkey. It is literally covered with ice all the way in*

Photo intensive below 




What I could remember from my hike to the Snow Monkey Park was then every few steps I will definitely slip and “almost fall”. Totally regret not getting the cleats.






Exposed open air onsen in the middle of the picture belonging to the Ryokan just beside it

Finally the entrance to the park

Took me about 45 minutes to walk into the park as I really had to walk slowly and carefully.







Totally human-like




And as you can see, the number of humans that day is more than the number of monkeys around. 


Outside of the park, this monkey seems to sun bathing alone

The monkeys are just so cute! Finally left when I couldn’t take the cold any longer, fingers freezing from snapping all the pictures.

As it was a Saturday, there was a much bigger crowd than usual. Since I was there early, the crowd hasn’t really build up yet. When I left, the crowd as even bigger and a big group of foreign school kids was entering the park as I was leaving.


Bus waiting area

Took a direct bus back to Nagano as I didn’t want the hassle of changing transport and taking the local train.


So fast forward back to tokyo! Went to drop my luggage at my hostel, Irori Hostel and Kitchen and left to Harajuku again to buy shoes and to eat dinner.


Frozen Smore by Dominique Ansel

Went to Dominique Ansel since I was sort of nearby and tried its Frozen Smore and its signature DKA (Dominique’s Kouign Amann, I forget to take a picture of it ): )


Yuzu Tsukemen 

Dinner was at Afuri which was famous for their Yuzu Tsukemen (Dipping style Ramen). Totally a 10/10. Loved the charsiew, the noodles and the yuzu sauce. Been a long time since I had good tsukemen ever since my last trip in Osaka. Tsukemen is not as popular as the regular ramen in Singapore so its hard to get good ones here.




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